Amsterdam Wine Co.

271 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023

Steve Flynn

Why do you love Champagne?

"Champagne is truly one of the most fascinating beverages on the planet. On the one side, you have the fun and exciting world of growers, who craft such pure and grounded expressions of terroir, bucking the historical trend of house-consistency in favor of uniqueness and site-specificity. The intensity, minerality, precision, depth, and expansiveness that the best grower brut natures achieve can be mind-boggling. Which is not to say that larger houses are to be missed. Centuries of tradition have achieved consistently high quality from the smallest to the largest houses. I'd happily take a glass of Vouette et Sorbée any day alongside a flute of non-vintage Krug!"

What is your favorite Champagne pairing?

"I enjoy pairing it with just about everything from decadent seafood towers to homemade chocolate waffles. I'm just happy to be sipping on Champagne!"

How are you celebrating La Fête du Champagne Week?

"We will be offering an in-store tasting that showcases our grower champagne selection."