Bruno Paillard

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Born in Reims in 1953, Bruno Paillard comes from an old Champenois family that traces its history of winegrowing in the region back to 1704. Paillard himself began working as a courtier, or an intermediary broker between grape growers and champagne producers, in 1975. This gave him valuable contacts and experience that he would put to use when he founded his own Champagne house in 1981, at just 27 years of age.

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Initially, Champagne Bruno Paillard functioned exclusively as a négociant, but in 1994, the house acquired its first vineyards, with the purchase of three hectares in Oger. Today, it owns 32 hectares spread over 15 different villages, providing 35 to 40 percent of its needs; in all, grapes are sourced from 35 different villages throughout the region. All of Paillard's vineyards are cultivated organically, with some parcels in biodynamics. Paillard is not interested in pursuing official certification, but believes that organic farming is important for two reasons: first, it results in greater minerality in the wines; and second, it provides better security against trace amounts of chemicals in the wines. "It costs us about one-third more than it would if we used herbicides and such, but I think it's worth it," says Paillard. "It's not only in terms of philosophy, but also what you can taste."

Bruno Paillard's champagnes emphasize finesse and purity of flavor, feeling elegant and finely wrought. "For me, a grand champagne is a composition, like a painting or a piece of music," says Paillard. There's an intricacy and precision about his wines that does make them feel composed, in the best sense of the word, and they are champagnes that feel perfectly at home alongside refined cuisine.

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