Chambers Street Wines

148 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007

John McIlwain

Why do you love Champagne?

"There are few places in the world where terroir, joy, and sheer deliciousness intersect as they do in Champagne!"

What is your favorite Champagne pairing?

"While I am unabashedly fond of Champagne with fried chicken, recently we enjoyed a bottle of Marguet 2009 Ambonaicus Rose with homemade pimento cheese at the store. The combination was sublime."

How are you celebrating La Fête du Champagne Week?

"Wednesday October 15 5-7PM, Tasting at Chambers Street Wines:
Selection Pas Mal's Michael Feuerstein Pours Laherte Champagnes!

Thursday October 16 5-7PM, Tasting at Chambers Street Wines:
We will be pour modern classics from Ledru, Bereche, Marguet, and more!"