Legras & Haas

Attending producer: Jérôme Legras 

Observing and perceiving, understanding a territory and performing one’s craft to produce a great champagne. Such was the remarkable intuition of Brigitte Haas and François Legras.

 After founding the Legras & Haas champagne house in 1991, they continued to pursue an ideal: a range of great champagnes crafted for cellaring without giving up on immediate enjoyment. Their perseverance in pursuing precision and elegance is the essence of the house style. 

Today, their three sons Rémi, Olivier and Jérôme interpret this thought-out, approach to champagne. They long for purity: expressing the origins and the essence of fruit with just the right maturity. Their wines are the result of attentive, increasingly manual wine-growing techniques and a close collaboration with wine-growers whose production completes the family’s already diverse estate.

Brigitte Haas 

Brigitte Haas came to Epernay in the late summer of 1966 with an old white Citroën DS and a solid passion for champagne, which she might have inherited from her father, Rudolph Haas, a German businessman who imported champagne into the Saar Region in Germany. Working initially for a big House, she quickly became interested in wine-growing, she purchased her first vineyard in 1970 and founded Champagne Brigitte Haas in 1983; a small house now nearly forgotten as it only existed for five years. However, this first adventure paved the way for the creation of Legras & Haas in 1991.

François Legras 

François Legras was born in Chouilly in 1937. From an early age, François was an enthusiastic wine-grower, aged fourteen, he worked in the fields with his father and quite noticeably became the first member of the family to focus entirely on viticulture and the elaboration of champagne. 

As a vigneron and later as chef de cave, he continued to develop the family foothold in Champagne. First in Chouilly, his hometown, but also in the Perthois area, of which he was one of the earliest, most fervent defenders and finally in the early nineties in Les-Riceys. Inspired by growers in these areas François’s wines are a hommage to these villages just as much as they are a celebration of Chouilly’s diversity . His sincere enthusiasm and curiosity remains an essential element in Legras & Haas champagnes.