Michel Gonet

Represented by Sophie Signolle


The Gonet family has been producing wine for 7 generations. In the middle ages, the Gonets were wine brokers in Beaujolais, but in the 15th century they moved to Champagne, where they started working the vines. Generations passed until Charles Gonet founded his own Champagne house in 1802, which was the birth of “Champagne Gonet.” His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have continued the development of the family business to this day.

In 1973, Michel Gonet, Charles’ great grandchild, decided to modernize and enlarge the cellars that were located in the heart of the Côte de Blancs in Avize. The cellars were dug twelve meters deep into chalk which allows for the steady temperatures and humidity necessary for the preservation and aging of champagne.

Today, the champagnes come from 40 hectares of vines situated in the best terroirs of the Côte des Blancs, consisting primarily of Chardonnay. The vineyards are located in Oger and Le Mesnil sur Oger, a bit further south to Vindey on the slopes of Sézannais, but also near Troyes, on the slopes of Montgueux. The Pinot noir vineyards are in Fravaux, on the slopes of Barsur l'Aubois, south of Champagne. The blends at Michel Gonet are generally eighty percent Chardonnay and twenty percent Pinot Noir

Champagne Michel Gonet is allegedly also praised for its miracle-causing properties…When Michel Gonet was born in 1935 he suffered from a blockage in the esophagus which left him unable to swallow. It is said that it was a sip of Champagne that finally saved his life and began his passion for Champagne at a young age. Today, Michel’s 3 children, Charles-Henri, Frédéric and Sophie are following in his footsteps.