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193 Hackney Road
London E2 8JL

Sager + Wilde Paradise Row

250 Paradise Row
London E2 9LE


Sommelier Michael Sager

What do you love about Champagne?

"I love the subtle complexity Champagne carries, the added layers the bubbles add and the sheer luxurious feel whenever I get to drink it. 

I love how it makes me feel like a million dollars! Oh, and also how complex it tastes, the bubbles, the acidity, the salinity, the fruit, the alcohol, ALL in Balance are the epitome of all things liquid."

What is your favorite Champagne pairing?

"Champagne with Cheese or Grilled Cheese"

How are you celebrating La Fête du Champagne Week?

"We will offer our rarer Champagnes by the glass at incredibly low cash margins